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Welcome To Agency Amplify

Agency Amplify is the #1 source for anyone regardless of experience to learn how to launch a digital agency and build a 6 or 7 figure business.

My name is Eric Louviere.

I have run 3 different advertising agencies in my life and done millions.

Spend some time around here and put my strategies into action and you will have a system launching your own million dollar agency.

I’ve been growing companies by implementing advertising and digital marketing systems since 1999 when I launched my first ad agency. Since then, I have generated millions for myself and my clients through strategic and tested online marketing processes.

Agency Amplify Has One Purpose!

Help people just like you earn big implementing the strategies I’ve fine tuned for over 10 years.

Eric, where do I start?

Start by taking a look at the strategies we share on the blog, its where you will find some of best tips and strategies you can implement into your business immediately.

You will learn what to do if you’re just getting started and get your first clients.

Eric, I want to grow my business fast…can you help me?

I absolutely can. I’ve put together a short presentation detailing the steps to building your digital agency and getting your first client this week. If you’re ready to build you business but just don’t know where to start this blueprint is a must see!

Watch it here:


On this free training I will show you step-by-step how to land your first digital agency client and do it this week even if your brand new and don’t have a website. On this training I will share with you:

  • Where to find high paying clients and get them in a “sales conversation” without being pushy or salesy.
  • The daily process you can use to land clients again and again.
  • How to get someone to handle your clients for you so you never have to run a single ad.
  • How to land clients without ever getting on the phone!
  • And more!

By the way this training is 100% Free, no optin required.