This article is for you if:

  • You want to launch a digital Agency and get your first client this week…
  • You want a proven system my clients are using to land high paying clients
  • You want to know the ingredients to get someone to buy from you instead of someone else

The best part is that you can do it even if your brand new and without a big advertising budget. Most think that you need to have some big name or a huge advertising budget to land high ticket clients but that is far from the truth.

How do I know? My clients are implementing this system, landing clients and guess what? They don’t have a big name and are doing it without paid advertising. How cool is that?

Here are a few emails I received from recent clients: (Please note, these results are not typical and there is no guarantee you will receive similar results as I don’t know your work ethic and skill level.)

“CLOSED my first deal at $3,500 a month recurring!”

“I’ve already starting putting my agency together and have one client that will be handing me a check and signing a contact on Monday.”


“I have already got my first client, a daycare, who is paying me to generate leads”

So now that you see how it’s worked for others let me share the steps to landing your first client agency this week.

1. Find A High Paying Niche

Before you even think about launching an agency you need to know what business niche you’re going to target. To top it off you need to choose a niche that can afford to pay for your services.

You want to look for businesses that have a high lifetime customer value. This means that by landing them one customer you are making them a huge profit. They will happily pay you $2,500 a month to run their ads if landing just one customer for them a month returns them $10,000.

Imagine how happy they would be if you landed them 2,3, or 5 customers a month?

2. Become A Specialist

Now that you know the high paying niche you’re going to target you need to position yourself as the “niche specialist.” This is much easier than you think!

You don’t need any fancy business cards, website, webinar, sales page, hundreds of blog post or any of that. All you need is to position yourself as the niche specialist.

For example: If you are targeting lawyers you want to position yourself as The Lead Generation Specialist for Lawyers.

This is huge because now you look better than the thousand other “generalist” agencies. When a lawyer hits your page they want the lawyer lead generation specialist not the lead generation specialist.

3. Focus on appointments

Listen up because this is key (and don’t worry if you don’t want to talk to people on the phone I’ll cover that in a second.)

Appointments are key in this business. When people spend $2,500 or more per month they want to talk to someone. Mostly just to make sure you’re legit.

The good news is that if you set up the front-end of this right there won’t be much convincing on the appointments. The service sells itself.

The majority of your time on the call is spent asking questions and listening. And don’t worry we have scripts for this.

4. Follow-up

This is an often forgotten part of sales. Some appointments won’t buy from you on the call. This means you need to be strategic with your follow-up.

You simply set up a simple system to text and email the people you talked to. Most simply weren’t ready to commit on the phone or have a few more questions before the deal is closed. Send them a simple message like “Hi NAME, just following up on our call last week to see if you have any questions.”

Often times they will send you a few more questions that you answer and it’s a done deal.

Right now you’re probably excited and maybe even a little scared wondering how to put this altogether. You’re probably wondering “How do I know what to do once I get a client?” or “How do I actually land the client and get them to pay me.” or “Where do I find these clients”

That’s why I’ve put together this short presentation detailing everything step by step. Watch this short video to see what I will cover on this training:


I would like to invite you to watch this free training where I will show you step-by-step how to land your first digital agency client and do it this week even if your brand new and don’t have a website. On this training I will share with you:

  • Where to find high paying clients and get them in a “sales conversation” without being pushy or salesy.
  • The daily process you can use to land clients again and again.
  • How to get someone to handle your clients for you so you never have to run a single ad.
  • How to land clients without ever getting on the phone!
  • And more!